What justifies the closure or deletion of a poll?

In the past it’s been unclear what justifies the closure or deletion of a poll. For part of the reboot, we want to help clarify how we decide what to do with polls after they’ve been made or reach the required vote count. Polls can be closed for a small handful of reasons and they are as follows:

  • The poll was successful! The top product is up on the site and the poll gets linked to the page with an email being sent out to everyone who voted. The poll’s voting section is closed, but the poll remains visible and discussion can continue.
  • Sometimes the top product is unattainable, but #2 and #3 are a go. The poll will again be linked to the active drop and an email sent out to those who voted. The poll will close down for voting, but discussion will remain. Just because we couldn’t get the top product this time around however, doesn’t mean we stop trying to get it. We’ll record the #1 winner of the poll and periodically check in with the vendor about running a drop. If it ever becomes successful the people who voted will receive an email. If the same item continually shows up we’ll create a Product poll for it so that interest in the item can be measured on a running basis.
  • The poll is impossible. Sometimes a poll gets created with a list of amazing items, but none of them are possible. Some of the most commonly voted on items that we can’t run include things like Apple products, video game consoles, and PC components. Some day these might be possible, but they are currently not feasible so these polls are simply closed.
  • The poll is inappropriate. With power comes great responsibility, and also a huge risk of abuse. Often times a poll will be created simply for laughs or to offend. While we appreciate your sense of humor, they are simply not appropriate for the site and will never be a source of new products. These kinds of polls will simply be deleted and removed from the site.
  • Stagnation. Sometimes the poll is filled with great products and some of them are even feasible, but for one reason or another the poll just stops getting voted on. Often times it will stall out and then get buried. Hopefully the new system will help prevent this, but it will still happen. To help maintain a fresh cycle of polls we will begin clearing out polls that have not received at least 50 votes in the past 30 days. These polls will be closed down, but the discussion left open, and you’re always encouraged to try again if this happens.