Shipping Feedback

We take member feedback on courier performance very seriously and are actively monitoring it in order to make the best decisions we can for the greater benefit of the community.


One of our primary goals is to provide our members with a great balance between competitive shipping pricing and reliability. In most cases, DHL is the courier that’s currently providing us with the best blend of both.

We understand that some members are experiencing longer transit times and limited tracking updates. We’re working directly with DHL to address these concerns and are taking steps toward reducing the transit time, reducing the overall cost, and improving the visibility of transit status for packages.


If you’re experiencing an issue with your DHL shipment, here are two resources you can use to report the problem:

If you have questions regarding the expected transit time for your DHL shipment, please refer to the links below:

If you have feedback regarding your experience with DHL, let us know by contacting Massdrop Support.